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How to Get the Most Out of Residential Interior Painting Services

residential interior painting services

Are you tired of your home’s bland paint job and want a better and more attractive interior? If you answered yes, it’s time to call residential interior painting services that can prepare your home and make it more attractive. Working with these experts can streamline your experience and provide a high-quality paint job that will look great for years to come. Here are a few steps that you can take to make this experience even better and ensure that your paint is gorgeous and appealing.

1. Do Your Research

When researching different high-quality interior painting services, make sure you choose several that you think you can trust. Be sure to read through their online reviews to find companies that get the best testimonials or comments. The idea here is to choose between several different professionals and streamline your options to the best possible.

2. Always Get Estimates

Before hiring a team of painters for your home’s project, make sure that you get estimates from multiple companies. The idea here is to get an idea of what people are charging. That’s a smart idea because it can help you meet a broad number of potential companies and narrow your options down. It can also reduce your potential options down further to ensure you work with a trustworthy contractor.

3. Know Exactly What You Want

Once you’ve found a few painting contractors you can trust, it’s wise to have an idea of what you want them to do with your house. You should know whether you need your trim painted, what rooms you want to be covered, and much more. The goal here is to ensure that you walk into this process fully prepared and can help your contractors provide the best results possible. In this way, you can avoid potential issues if you change your mind.

4. Don’t Forget Important Extra Steps

While you might initially think that residential interior painting is a fairly simple process, it’s more complex than you might think. For example, you need to do several prep steps, such as removing old paint and priming the surface when you’re done. This step is important because, according to This Old House, an interior paint job can last between 10-20 years when properly prepped. Taking these extra steps will ensure your paint lasts as long as possible for your needs.

5. Focus On Quality

You might be tempted to go with the lowest-priced painting service possible to save yourself money. That’s understandable but not advisable. Do you know why these companies can offer lower prices, sometimes dramatically less than other businesses? They typically offer questionable or lower-quality service. Instead, try to find residential interior painting services that provide the highest quality by checking their results page and talking with others about their work.

6. Consider Specialist Services

Did you know that specialized painting services are available to handle many of your needs quickly and efficiently? For example, specialized painters may work on trim, doors, or even various rooms in your home. Some might even provide interior design support for things like your furniture! Try to invest in specialists who can give you the specific painting support you require, especially when painting rooms where you spend the most time, such as bedrooms.

7. Match Your Rooms By Mode

What exactly do we mean by this somewhat mysterious header? Well, you should try to create moods with your paint that match a room’s usage, such as light blues, to provide a relaxing mood in a bedroom. White works well for neutral areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, while red creates a lively atmosphere in game rooms. Taking this factor into account will ensure your home feels cozy and comfortable, no matter what room you’re in, and can keep your guests at ease, too.

8. Don’t Ignore Your Exterior

Here’s the thing about interior paint: it shouldn’t clash with your exterior paint colors or style, if at all possible. Simply put, you want to make sure that the colors, textures, and overall designs feel integrated, streamlined, and attractive. Just as importantly, you need to talk with the painters to make sure they’re on the same page as you. If at all possible, hire the same team that painted your exterior to ensure that the styles are the same, including the painting techniques used by the contractor.

9. Plan to Be Out of the House

While you can always stick around while your painters work, it’s probably best to plan to be out of the house on the days they’re painting. You might need to go visit friends or rent a hotel room until they’re done. This step isn’t strictly necessary but is smart. It gets you out of the way, keeps you from inhaling paint throughout the day, and minimizes paint-stain risks on your clothes. You can always stop by throughout the job to see how they’re doing; it should only take a few days.

10. Talk With the Painters Through the Process

Don’t be afraid to talk to the painters as they work and ask them about their progress. For example, you can let them know what you like about their services and provide suggestions for streamlining the process. You don’t want to hover over them or offer unwanted advice, of course. However, giving them feedback and slight corrections can ensure that you get the look that you want: make sure you set up smooth lines of communication first to make sure everyone’s satisfied.

11. Know When to Schedule an Upgrade

Pay attention to your home’s interior paint quality and try to schedule an upgrade when it’s running down. Over time, your paint is naturally going to wear down, and you need to make sure that it stays as high-quality as possible. Typically, you need to upgrade at least every 20-30 years, though you might need to more often if you smoke in your home or have water stains, etc. If you just bought the home and you aren’t sure when it was last upgraded, just contact a paint contractor and get the support that you need.

12. Give Yourself Time to Live in the New Design

Have you ever renovated your home only to find that you miss the old style almost immediately? This common type of buyer’s remorse is tough to fight and requires you to understand why you feel that way. There’s a good chance that you were simply so used to your old style that, no matter how poorly it reflected your home, you grew to enjoy it. Fight these feelings and give yourself a few months or even a year to live in the newly painted home before you decide to change your style.

By taking these steps, you can improve your residential interior painting services and get the most beautiful look possible for your home. If you’re not sure what steps you should take and need help with a team you can trust, reach out to us today to learn more. Our team of professionals can help you get the best possible experience and keep your home beautiful. Contact us to set up an appointment, and we’ll provide you with the residential interior painting services you’ve been looking for. Call Pristine Painting & Coatings today.

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